Raising Anesthesiology Diversity & Anti-Racism

Welcome to RADAR!

Our vision is a more diverse and inclusive community in academic anesthesiology.

Whether you’re a college student thinking about a career in medicine, a leader in the field, or somewhere in between, we invite you to explore our website, connect with us at an event, and join us as we lead transformative change in the field.

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Anesthesiologist in OR

For College & Medical Students

Consider a rewarding career in academic anesthesiology.

For Residents, Fellows & Early-Career Faculty

Begin your career with the support of an encouraging community of peers and mentors.

For Leaders in Academic Anesthesiology

Build and sustain a culture of diversity, inclusion and anti-racism.

Voices in Anesthesiology

"I see where we could go if we weren’t so constrained by these historical notions of what people are supposed to do."
"In medicine, we need to continue to codify how diversity and inclusion efforts are essential for eliminating existing healthcare disparities, driving value-based care, fostering innovation, and bettering the financial bottom line."
"We’re systems thinkers; we have the ability to influence care on a systems level that can make it more inclusive for our patients, as well as our faculty, colleagues and trainees."

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